Play Klondike Solitaire Turn 3 online - for free!

On Solitaired, you can:

  • Play Klondike Solitaire where 3 cards are drawn from the stockpile at once
  • Play an unlimited number of games
  • Reverse and undo moves to help you if you’re stuck
  • Track time and the number of moves

What is the difference between turn 3 and turn 1 solitaire?

In the game, cards are turned or drawn from the stockpile. These cards can then be moved to the foundation or the tableau if the rules allow it. In some versions of the game, cards are turned or drawn 1 at a time. Naturally this is called turn 1 or draw 1. In other versions of the game, cards can be turned 3 at a time from the stock pilie. You can see the difference below.

Turn 1 Solitaire example

Here, one card is turned over, which can then be played in the game.

Turn 3 Solitaire example

In this example, three cards are turned over at a time. Only the top card of the three can be played. In this example, only the Ace of Spade can be played in the game. Once that is played, you can then play the King of Clubs.

Turn next three cards

If you can’t place the King of Clubs, like this example, then the next three cards are turned over, and the process repeats.

What is harder, turn 1 or turn 3?

Turn 3 is a harder game to play. This is because in Turn 1, you have the option to potentially play every card from the stockpile. In Turn 3, you can only play every third card, which naturally makes the game harder. Those looking for a challenge will like playing turn 3, as your moves become more limited, and you have to think more creatively on how you’ll solve how to win the game.

Are there other variations?

There are! You can play with no limit on the number of passes through the stockpile, which is the default version of our game. This means onces all cards are moved to the waste, you move them back to the stockpile and they can be played in the game.

In other variations, you can play with limits. For example, you can play with two passes of the stockpile, or three passes. All of these are designed to make the game more challenging, that is, if you’re up for it! On Solitaired, you can play turn 3 with unlimited passes.

How do I even play the game?

Easy. Check out how to play solitaire on our homepage!.