Play Solitaire Turn 3 online - for free!

Play solitaire where 3 cards are drawn from the stockpile at once. This is a more difficult version of the game since you can only play every third card from the stockpile. If you’re able to play that card, you can then play the next card of the two that are remaining, and if you can do that, you can play the last card remaining. If you can’t play are these three cards, they are moved to the waste, and you draw three more cards. You can see in this example how three cards are turned from the stockpile.

Turn 3 Solitaire example

In Turn 1 solitaire, you draw or deal one card from the stockpile at each time. This allows you to play every card from the stockpile making it easier version of solitaire.

Turn 1 Solitaire example

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